Wind Turbine Facts And Information

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Wind Turbine Facts And Information:

The movement of air from a region of low pressure to an area of high pressure causes wind,
this is force that can be used to generate a form of clean energy. The harnessing of wind
has taken place since time immemorial, today there is an ongoing interest in the use of
turbines as a clean and renewable power source. The following wind turbine facts should
help you in developing your knowledge on this interesting subject.

Today, there are massive turbines that are used to generate electricity on an industrial
scale, as well as smaller devices that can be used to create energy to be used by individual
households. Over the past ten years, the use of these turbines has increased at a rate of
more then twenty-five per cent on an annual basis. Compared to solar power, the uptake of
turbines to generate electricity is still small, primarily as not all regions have strong
enough winds for the devices to be efficient and profitable.

Wind energy is most effectively harnessed by turbines that measure more than a hundred
meters in height. These amazing feats of engineering often have blades that are sixty or more
meters in length. As the breeze spins these blades, a shaft is turned which in turn produces
electricity. Though they are still somewhat controversial, they are a far cleaner alternative
to the use of fossil fuel burning power stations. Some of the biggest turbines have the
potential to power more than five hundred homes simultaneously.

It is theoretically possible to install a small device on any property that can help in providing
some amount of power to a household. As there are continual advances in the technology used,
especially in terms of aerodynamics and electricity storage, many more governments,
businesses, and individuals will turn to the renewable power as a source of energy. The cost of
the equipment has reduced massively over the last decade, though not to the same extent as
photovoltaic panels.

As of late 2009, the global capacity of all turbines stood at more than 100,000 megawatts.
If you imagine that a single megawatt can power around two hundred average sized homes, this
alone is an impressive number.

Presently, Europe has taken the lead in terms of renewable energy, with Germany, the
Netherlands, the UK, Denmark and Spain having the greatest number of wind-farms. China and India
have recently announced the commissioning of large scale wind farm's to help meet their growing
demand for cheap power.

It is predicted that within forty years, a third of the planet's energy needs will be met by
energy created by turbines. For this to happen there needs to be a large investment in offshore
units, which have the capacity to be far more efficient than their land based counterparts.

Today, there is the option of getting hold of a DIY turbine kit for residential usage, which
can reduce our reliance on utility companies and the national grid considerably. With the rising
cost of electricity, this is an option that many homeowners are now choosing.
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