Solar Panels benefits
Solar Panels benefits


SSolar Panels benefits

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Solar Panels benefits
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Solar Panels benefits

the planet this one doesnít involve you parting with your hard earned
money in order to get a benefit that is intangible and unseen,
like say carbon offsetting.

When you install solar panels you will have an up front cost, just as
you did when you installed secondary glazing or roof insulation, and
like secondary glazing and roof insulation using solar panels will
save you money.

The reason why use solar panels will save you money is that solar
use the light of the sun even on a not very sunny days
to generate electricity or in some older models to simply heat water.

Solar panels that just heat have been used to heat swimming pools for
over 40 years, but modern solar panels use a photoelectic cell to turn
light from the sun into electricity. If you have seen a calculator that
doesnít need a battery to work then you have seen solar (or light) power
work, solar panels are just the same only scaled up to sometime
enormous proportions.

Which all means that once you have covered the cost of installing your
solar panels the electricity generated is almost free, you can if you
wish store the electricity in batteries or use it in the house to power
the batteries of your Hybrid cars for example, or you can do something
that must really appeal to people who have endured high energy costs,
you can sell it back to the electricity supply company or utility.

Solar Energy
The way that you can sell your electricity generated by your solar
is to just connect them to the grid and meter the amount that
is used from your little solar power station, this could be quite
lucrative too because on a sunny day our Sun shines down and delivers
around 1,000 watts of energy to every square metre of the planet.

If several square metres of your bit of the planet hold solar panels
then you would have a very powerful electricity generating system
indeed and it is for that reason that massive arrays of solar panels
are being erected across the deserts of the developed world to collect
vast amounts of electricity that can be fed into a nationís
electricity grid.

The use of vast solar power generating stations will of course provide
nations who use them with yet another enormous reason why they should
use solar panels and that is that they wonít be held to ransom by
countries who have rich deposits or reserves of oil.

Another reason for why you might want to use solar panels is that you
might not be able to get an electricity supply where you are, especially
if you are in the business of making space rockets, satellites or indeed
interplanetary research vehicles all of which use solar panels to collect
the electricity they use.

All of which means that the question should probably read why
not use solar panels?
Solar Energy facts
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