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Tips On How To Save Electricity At Home

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Tips On How To Save Electricity At Home
Today we live in a world which has become dependent on electricity. Air conditioning,
heating, lights, electronics, hot water, and much more use hundreds of watts of
electricity every day, yet it is one resource which is taken for granted more than
any other. To help cut down on the cost of monthly expenses, here's some tips on
how to save electricity at home.

One of the things that draws more electricity than anything else in the home is
the heating and air conditioning unit. This is often needed on cold winter days
and when it gets extremely hot during the summer, but there is a way to control
temperature and make it more consistent throughout the day.

Ensuring that windows are energy-efficient, that all leaks around doors and windows
are sealed, and insulation is updated in attic and wall spaces where needed will help.
One simple way to check is to hold a ribbon near portals. If the ribbon flutters there
is a leak that needs to be plugged. This can easily be accomplished with silicon sealant
which is clear and is simply run around window edges to create a tight seal. Additionally,
installing door weatherproofing on the base of doors and around edges will also help
prevent some of the worse drafts in the home.

Installing windows and upgrading insulation is a simple change, although initially costly,
that can save thousands of dollars within just a few years. If that isn't a viable possibility,
however, lowering the temperature in the winter to 65 degrees and raising it to 78 degrees in
the summer will force units to kick on less often resulting in lower home utility bills. When
you think about the fact that for every degree of change on the thermostat you save up to 5
percent on heating and cooling costs, it makes sense to put on a sweater or turn on a room fan.

Another way to take advantage of natural resources when controlling temperatures is to close
curtains on warm days and open them on cool days. This may appear contrary to what you would
expect, but it will not only prevent drafts, but can also trap heat and cooler air in a space
when it's needed most. By supplementing with space heaters and fans, which pull fewer BTUs,
energy can be reallocated to areas where it's most needed.

Another area that's often forgotten is the use of electricity when it's not needed. Turning
off lights that are not needed as well as electronic equipment like televisions, computers,
and video equipment saves money and resources over time. Additionally, utilizing energy at
night as opposed to during peak hours of the day also saves on utility bills. This would
include dishwashers, washers, and dryers which should be run after 8 pm when used.

There are also some fairly simple things they can be done to save energy throughout the day.
Using a microwave instead of the oven requires less energy. Additionally, taking short showers
instead of long, hot baths saves money as it takes less hot water which often uses electricity
to turn the unit on and off as well as gas to heat the water. One of the simple ways to cut down
on costs is to look for things like turning off the water while brushing your teeth. This seems
like a simple solution, however, when you think about it, there's no need to keep faucets running.

For those who are choosing to go green there are many new products on the market that reduce
energy usage while saving money. Solar energy panels attached to the roof, energy efficient
appliances, and creating user friendly environments where newer products, recently on the market,
can make a home not only unique, but self supporting.

One example can be seen in the lights. The older incandescent light bulbs are now seen as passe
since the invention of light emitting diode lights. Not only can they be used in the home, but are
frequently found is crosswalk signs, holiday displays, and traffic signals. They have an extremely
long life, yet use much less energy to achieve the same results. As a matter of fact, they can save
a significant amount on a utility bill especially in larger homes.

Many energy companies today are providing alternatives for home owners in order to control the cost
of utility bills. Some companies determine annual usage then split that amount equally between 12
months. For the bill payer this allows them to accurately anticipate the amount which will be paid
for utilities each month. In other cases, power energy meters are available which display how much
electricity each appliance and electronic device in the home uses.Once you know this, it's easy to
figure out how to save. Ultimately, learning to reduce energy use and save money in the long run
becomes a matter of awareness.
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