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Solar Panels
Solar Panels
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1.9kW Grid-Tied Solar Electric System
Save Earth through Solar Power.
How The Sun Generates Energy
Sun is very vital for the earth. There is nothing more essential to earth
than the sun. Life could not survive in earth without the sun. In fact, our
Earth is Saved Through Solar Power. Without sun, there will be no heat energy
and the oceans will remain frozen. Plants would die and there would be no
light. Sun is an averaged-sized G star. About 915 Jupiter and 1,206,885
earths could fit inside it. Its age is about five billion years.

Sun is a star. The star is a ball of gas. The sun generates its energy the
same way as all other stars do. The process is called as nuclear fusion.
Nuclear Fusion generates a lot of energy. It also generates much heavier
elements. This Sun Energy is the cause for life and most geological evolution.

Sun Energy is the principle source of energy for the earth. The Sun Energy
is generated by the fusion in the sun. Sun is a very broad spectrum of
energy. It includes visible, infrared and ultra-violet radiation. The
upper part of the sun comprises of Core, convective zone and radioactive
zone. Nuclear fusion takes place in the core. The core begins from the
center and reaches to twenty-five percent of the suns radius. In the core,
the gravity pulls all the mass inward and produces a vivid pressure. The
pressure is enough to draw the hydrogen atoms in nuclear fusion. Two atoms
of hydrogen are unified to generate helium-4.

Every second the sun transfers 500 million metric tons of hydrogen into
helium. In nuclear fusion, five million metric tons of surplus material
is transformed into Sun Power each second. every year sun transforms
157,680,000,000,000 metric tons into Sun Energy. Earth receives
approximately 2/1,000,000,000 i.e., two billionths of that sun power.
In short, every year earth receives about two quintillion watts of
Sun Energy.

Solar Power that is presently reaching earth is formed in the sun about
100,000 years ago. It takes very long time to reach the surface of earth.
Sun is very dense so Sun Energy takes much harder time to escape from
sun. The light formed in the sun reaches earth in about 8 minutes and
26 seconds. It zooms away at 300,000,000 meters or 186,000 miles per
second. Sunlight is made up of numerous colors. These colors are called
as visible spectrum, longer wavelengths and shorter wavelengths. Many
wavelengths are not actually visible to humans but they are measured
through special detectors.

Sun Energy is responsible for the generation of all other forms of
energy on earth. It generates winds that are used for grinding grain,
sailing ships and producing energy from windmill powered generators.
Coals are the fossilized remnants of plants that stocked up
solar energy in its cells long before. Therefore, Solar Power
plays a vital role in Saving Earth.

Solar Energy has the power to alter the way people around the world are
using electricity. Many non-profit organizations around the world are
promoting solar energy. The Sun Power Foundation is created to inspire,
motivate and empower new generation solar power leaders. The main goal
of this organization is to Save Earth Through Solar power. Sun Power
Corporation offers the excellent technology. Its solar panels are
50% more dominant and resourceful.
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