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What are Solar Hot Water Panels
If you are from Israel, you will know all about Solar Hot Water Panels. Else, read up!

We did not exaggerate when we talked about Israel. They are the world leaders in solar hot
water and over 85% of households in the country use solar power to heat their water. In other
countries too, Solar Hot Water Panels are catching up, and it is not uncommon to see a little solar
panel sitting on the roof of a home in an all-American town.

Ok. If you are wondering about what is so special about getting water heated with solar power,
we should give you a statistic here an independent study shows that a 50 gallon water heater
approximately uses about 11.1 barrels of oil a year (in terms of energy consumed), which by the
way, is almost equal to what a normal 4 door sedan car would consume in a year!! But we dont
notice it, and hence it slips under our radar. Now you know why we are specifically mentioning
Solar Hot Water Panels.

A solar powered water heating system works through a collector fastened to the roof of the
house. This collector is connected to our water system at home and the water heating pipes
send in cold water to this collector. The basic models of collectors in solar water heaters come
with a glass top, and are insulated. The solar absorber is made of sheet metal and is painted
black. In areas where the sunlight is not abundant, there is a parabolic mirror which focuses the
available sunlight onto the absorber to enhance the efficiency. Once cold water in the chamber
heats up, it is pumped back to the storage water heater downstairs (or can be piped directly into
the shower and the bathtubs), and cold water takes its place once more. Since the tank keeps
accumulating heat, cold water immediately starts heating up on reaching the collector on the
roof. This collector is sometimes mounted on walls facing the sun if the roof is not conducive.

Modern solar hot water panels come with a working fluid. This working fluid can be used in two
ways depending on the mode of the water heater you have on your roof. In the active system,
the fluid is directly pumped through the chamber, heating up all the water around it. The other
system is known as the passive system, and that is driven by natural convection. Either way,
these heaters are much more efficient than the ones used in the early part of this decade, and a
normal sized solar powered heater is enough for the whole family even on a moderately sunny
day. The working fluid can be hot water itself, or it could be a separate loop of fluid which
contains anti freeze and flows around a copper tube installed within the chamber for added

The good part is that the installation does not cost you a bomb. Anyway there will be substantial
savings incurred on the energy bills, and we have the satisfaction of contributing to a lower
carbon footprint on the environment. The day is not far off when the whole world will go the
Israel way!
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