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A solar car typically functions by solar energy which is renewable and is primarily obtained
from solar panels on the roof of the car. This is definitely a great environment friendly
option where the sunís energy is directly converted into electrical energy, thereby saving
the planetís natural resources. The design of the solar car is severely limited to the kind
of energy that is used by the car- batteries & solar energy. These solar cars are not practical
for day to day use as they are typically built for solar car races and for engineering
demonstrations. In fact the solar car is engineered similar to a race car where the cockpit
can accommodate for only one person although there could be space for two in a few exceptions.
This car has the conventional features of any other car like brakes, accelerator, signals, rear
view mirrors and sufficient ventilation. The electrical system is the main hub that controls
the energy coming in and going out of the solar car. The range of batteries that are generally
used in solar cars, vary from those that made of lead acid to Lithium and Polymer material
batteries. The two main advantages for the owner of this type of car are that he can have an
extremely cost effective car which contributes to the global initiative of keeping the
environment as less polluted as possible. Since solar energy is the main source on which
these solar cars sustain and function, it is a known fact that he sun is not available all
the time. In order to address this issue, the solar car design is manufactured in an
aerodynamic shape in order to minimize the friction due to wind and also to make the car
as light as possible. Therefore on sunny days, when there is ample sunlight, the excess
solar energy generated is stored in the batteries for further use during cloudy days and
when there is minimum sunlight. To enhance the solar energy levels of the solar car,
sometimes the motor can be used to act as a generator. This electric motor is much more
efficient than the gasoline engine. Solar cars have emerged as a boon for the environment
conscious for they are ideally quiet, produce zero harmful emission, fast, and require very
low maintenance and you can do away with your fuel expenses in totality.
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