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Solar Panels: Solar Power Battery chargers
Solar power battery chargers are very useful and convenient. A solar power battery charger
can charge a battery or a number of them , to store electricity generated by solar energy
and supply the same for use when required. Generation of electricity from solar energy is
wonderful but this generation is only possible in daylight hours . So, unless this generated
electricity is stored , its use gets limited in daylight hours only. Actually before solar
battery chargers came into being, solar power was only useful during daylight hours. As we
may remember , the earliest use of solar power was solar calculators and since there was
no storage arrangement available , the solar calculators were useful in daylight hours only.

So while installing a solar power system, it is a must that a battery charger system is
designed and installed with the solar panel so that electricity is made available round the
clock. One must have the ability to harness solar energy and also store it for use whenever
required especially during dark hours in the night.

In recent times we have seen many variations of solar battery chargers.
Some manufacturers have tried the possibility of running and charging
i-pods off the solar energy. Mobile phones were also a part of these
experimentation with solar energy battery charger variations.

Solar charger of battery are available from online stores or retail
suppliers who specialises in solar energy supplies. The solar chargers
normally offered will allow you to choose from wide range of solar
energy chargers having different capacitors, to suit to any particular need.

Solar charger of batteries as the name suggests, make use of solar energy
to charge batteries. They can be used to charge laptops, cellphones, MP3
players, iPhones, radios, torches, and whole range of products we use in
our day to day life. Solar panels are fitted normally on the roof of some
solar powered autos to charge batteries. Solar battery chargers are
available for a wide range of products and come in various voltage capacities,
making it easier to charge most devices. Solar chargers for vehicle batteries ,
having higher capacities, are also available . They may be placed in the
dashboard and the vehicle battery gets charged simultaneously while driving.
Some solar chargers also have indicators to show whether the battery is
fully charged or not.

Reviews of battery chargers for solar panel have shown many advantages :

Solar charger of batteries are portable i.e. they can be used anytime and anywhere.
It can be used while traveling or camping. Electronic gadgets can easily be
charged by such solar charger batteries especially when you are away from
electric sockets.

Solar charger of batteries are light weight and easy to carry and can be used for
emergency purpose. Compact solar charger battery is also available which can be rolled
in hand bags.

Once investment is made in procuring solar chargers , no further maintenance cost or
bills to be paid . This is the biggest advantages of solar battery chargers over
electricity .

Solar chargers are waterproof and durable. It is not necessary that they to be used in
areas with bright sunlight. Solar chargers are found to be efficient in cold climates
also. Certain solar charger batteries are also have storage capacity.
There are no harmful emissions from solar charger batteries and perfectly
environmental friendly.

Solar charger of batteries are expensive as compared to ordinary ones, but are much cost
effective in the long run as compared to conventional battery chargers . It is true they
take longer time to get charged but gets charged completely similar to ordinary charger.
Investing in solar charger of batteries is , therefore, worth doing.

How solar charger of batteries work-

Sun has been sending light and heat to the earth but it is only in recent times ,
we could capture how to harness some of the energy and transform it into electricity.
The first method was through the creation of Photovoltaic Cells . Since then solar
cells have evolved from transforming sunlight into usable electricity for huge and
expensive equipment occupying space to more down to earth battery chargers. The
change of solar power to electricity happens as follows:

Electrical current is created by the movement of electrons which carry negative charge.
Electrons are entangled in an orbit around the nucleus of an atom, which is made of
protons and neutrons. These atomic particles are the building blocks of matters
and found in everything around. Some matters holds the electrons more tightly than
others, but given more energy , an electron can be knocked loose from its orbit .
One particle of energy which drives electron loose from atom is Photon. This
subatomic energy packet form the basis for light. Photon from sunlight carry
enough energy to jar electrons from their orbit in the element of silicon , which
is the element used in most solar cells. The ability of Photon to disentangle
electrons is called the photoelectric effect. An imbalance between positively
and negatively charged particles is created within the silicon by adding impurities
like phosphorus and boron. This imbalance generates an electrical field in the
silicon. When protons strikes the material and break electrons free from their
orbits , the electrical field created pushes the electrons towards the front of
the solar cells and thereby creates a negatively charged side. The protons which
were left behind on the other side of the cell surface creates a positive charge.
When these two sides are connected using an external lead like the indirect circuit
comprising the terminals of this solar battery charger – the electrons flow into
the load and creates electricity. But a single solar cell produces only one or two
watts of electricity. That is why multiple cells are combined to form a module that
work together to produce power to charge a battery .

Chemical batteries generate electron flow through chemical reactions. Lithium –ion
batteries create energy through exchange of ions from lithium to carbon. However,
in both the types of batteries, electricity is created by the flow from negative
to positive electrodes. When a battery is charged , electrons flow in the reverse
direction i.e. from positive to negative and the battery’s electrical potential
is replenished. Solar battery chargers don’t charge directly the Lithium-ion
battery but they maintain their rechargeable batteries either chemical or
lithium-ion that are charged through the solar modules instead and no external
electrical source is required thereby.

Solar panels costs far too much at present and they are possibly and wildly
over hyped according to substantial number of people who are in this trade
and knowledgeable. The reason apparently is the high cost of silicon used.
However, Solar panels that cost less than $1per watt to produce are on their
way as Colorado State University’s new method for low cost high efficiency
solar panels are all set to make mass production shortly.

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