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Solar Panels
Is Solar Power the Solution to the Problems of the World’s Energy?

Globalization has certainly made the technological and industrial needs of man
grow exponentially. Perhaps one of the largest needs of the world – often taken for
granted – is the need for energy. We need energy for almost everything we do: to
cook our food, watch TV, and drive our car to work. While there are a myriad of
energy sources such as solar energy, the most commonly used energy is either
electricity or fossil fuel. Since not everything is electronic, fossil fuel
has become a staple. These energy sources have become so much in demand that a
shortage or price increase of either one would result to global uproar.

This is where man’s journey for better sources of alternative energy came from.
In order to respond to the monopoly of oil and limitations of electrical power
in most states, the world needs a cheaper yet effective source of energy. Where
nuclear energy posed way too many potential threats and wind energy too limited
to be considered, technology has turned to Solar Energy, invoking the largest
source of perpetual energy in our solar system: the sun. While there are still
ongoing studies for other methods of harnessing energy, getting energy from the
sun has become one of the more accepted alternative sources of energy.

Solar energy refers to the use of technology to convert the heat of the sun and
convert it into energy that can be used to power our technology. They use solar
panels to catch the energies for our city. However, not all states can use solar
energy because the investment required a lot of money. Some argue, however,
that they are well worth the initial cost. In fact, there are countries that
have their own economies in the free market.

The good thing about this kind of energy source is that it’s something that
everyone can easily access. No one will ever have the monopoly over the sun to
raise energy bills. They are also very friendly to the environment because solar
panels produce energy that does not cause pollution as a byproduct, as opposed to
fossil fuel. Solar energy is still under investigation. They won’t produce as much
energy as the energies we use in fossil fuel and electrical machines, but that
doesn’t it doesn’t pay itself back in the long run.
In conclusion, it is not accurate to say that solar power is the “one-tablet” solution
to the world’s problems on energy. They, however, contribute so much to solving
the problems of the world experience due to lack of available alternative energy
sources. In fact, many countries right now are doing its job of integrating solar panels
in every home. Perhaps with enough research and studies in the future together with the
support of the international community, maybe it can become the solution to the problem
of the world’s energy. So in time who knows what will happen – the future could
very well be a solar powered one !
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