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Solar Panels: Some Thoughts On The Efficiency Temperature Of Solar Panels.
When most people think about Solar panels it just goes with the territory that they assume
they're out in the sun so they must be able to withstand high temperature. However, solar
cells are made of silicon materials which are sensitive to temperature changes. In electronics,
heat can be destructive, which is why there is a CPU fan over the processor chip on the
motherboard of your computer. Therefore, the Solar Panels efficiency temperature rating is an
important factor when you are buying solar cells.

These solar cell panels are tested at the factory under precise conditions of 25 degree Celsius,
which is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and is approximately a global average annual temperature. During
the hotter months of the year, your panels will be a little less efficient. Under some conditions,
they can lose as much as 25% of their efficiency.

Your panels must have the maximum amount of sunlight to create the photovoltaic process, and with
direct sun exposure there will be significant heat. To help compensate for the heat build up, your
panels should be mounted with plenty of room under them for sufficient air flow that helps to keep
them cooler.

It is possible to install water cooled systems which keep the panels at a more desired operating
temperature, but depending on where the panels are housed the weight of the water could become a
serious issue. In the event the system is intended to feed excess power to your local utility
company, it might be more affordable to install additional panels to compensate for whole house

As with all standards, the efficiency temperature of Solar Panels is a rating which is assigned
under controlled conditions. When put into use in the real world application conditions are not
always capable of being controlled. In order to maintain the required amount of power for you
installation, you may wish to consider the option of additional panels.
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