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After the increasing demand of electricity in the world it is visible that the resources used
in its production are depleting greatly. This can cause some real shortage of energy in the
future times and can also lead to the downfall of economy too. So the thing that we need
is a renewable source of energy. And by far the most widely used is the Solar Energy. We
can see many places taking advantage of the solar energy using Solar Panels or Photovoltaic
modules. Before you can too take advantage of solar energy, you must be aware of all the
things related to these and also should know your own requirements well. The process of
getting Solar Panels is generally divided in to three different phases. Which are:

1.Buying the Solar Panels.
2.Installing the Solar Panels.
3.Maintaining your Solar Panels.

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Buying A Solar Panels System:

Buying Solar Panels looks like the easiest jobs of them all. Of course no one would try to
stop you from paying them a couple of hundred bucks. But itís not quite as simple as it
looks. This is because most of the people just go to a shop and bring home any setup of
the Solar Panels, mostly not equal to their requirements and that leaves a very bad impact
on this valuable invention. When going for shopping you must keep in mind all these
points. Firstly you have to be 100% sure of the output that you require. This can be done
by dividing the power used in your house (This can be calculated by your electricity bill).
After calculating that you have to determine the output you want to get which ranges from
40 W to up to 200 Watts. The upper limit is gained at peak hours of the day. The next
thing that comes is the Dollar per Watt Cost Ratio. Right after you get to know your
output requirement you can calculate the amount of money you would have to spend to
power your house. This also helps in comparing different brands available and the price
they are offering. Next you would have to get an expert who will calculate the insolation
value for you. This is the measure of the amount of sunshine falling directly on your
house or office. This measure can determine how efficiently your Solar Panel System
would perform. According to the Insolation value the mount to be used for fixing your
Panels is selected. Direct Installation is also possible but the amount of electricity
produced might be affected in rainy weather and cloudy days (Yes Solar Panels also work
in rain, but the output is decreased). So choosing the perfect mount according to your roof
is also a very important step. That is all you need to know while going to your retailer of
Solar Panel Systems.
Installation of the Solar Panels:
Next is the installation of your Solar Panels. After the purchase of the Solar Panels you
need to keep in mind all the following points in order to gain full advantage of the Solar
Panel System. The panels are usually situated on rooftops or stand alone facilities. It does
not helps that your Solar panel is place at a high height but the angle of the panel is not
correct. The productivity of the panel depends on the time sunlight falls on it and not on
the height. So it is vital that you place your Solar panel in direct sunlight. Obstruction in
sunlightís path also account for lower efficiency. You should trace the path of sunlight
and clear all unnecessary items and trim branches away. Mounting your panel at a good
place also increases the output of your Solar panel. Mounts are available in Roof Ground,
Flush mounts and Pole mounts. So according to the mount you bought you can place the
Solar panels.
Solar Panels Maintenance:
Solar Panels are devices which will continue to give you output till its condition is kept
good and is treated well. So the last step in the usage is the maintenance of the Solar
Panel System you have bought. For the maintenance of the Solar Panel Systems you have
to work on the following exercises. Firstly keep a timetable and fix intervals of checking
up on your Solar Panels. After these fixed intervals you must inspect you must analyze
the condition of your Solar Panel and should remove all debris and dirt off it as they
decrease the output. Secondly the intervals planned are to be shorter if the Solar Panels
are installed in a dusty area or if you think the location is too dust prone. Thirdly always
use warm water and soap to remove the dirt as it prevents clogging of dirt over modules.
Use of cold water also cleans less efficiently than warm water and also may affect
temperature based Solar Panel Systems. Fourthly in the Solar panelís life bird droppings
have a really bad affect on the performance. So you should also without hesitation clean
the droppings off. Lastly do not think of cleaning Solar Panels as a process of making
them look more better but are a sufficient need of the Solar Panel System.

These are all the things you need to worry about the installation of Solar Panels. So after
reading this you are fully equipped for getting a Solar Panel System.
Happy Energy Production!
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