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Solar Panels and Oil Industry
Truth Behind Increased Oil Prices
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With the recent mishaps in the Gulf and oil prices constantly rising, many people
wonder what the other options are out there for alternate fuel. It seems like our
entire transportation industry is run entirely on oil and gasoline. Although there
have been some strides to reduce our dependence on oil through the use of things like
CNG and LPG, there aren't too many options of purely natural energy producing methods
like wind turbines and solar panels. The truth of the matter is that although developers
are currently producing some very advanced solar panels, they do not have the ability to
replace the oil industry at this time.

One thing to consider is what each of these types of energy is used for. Oil and gasoline
is the main provider for things like trucks, cars, trains, and even airplanes. These engines
are built entirely off of an oil based fuel system. While there are some car engines such as
the new Honda Civic and Nissan Leaf that use a hybrid of oil and electricity, for the most part
you are going to get oil based machines that are used for transportation. Solar panels and wind
turbines are used primarily to generate electricity, and even then they don't produce much.
The main producers of electricity are from natural gas, coal, water, uranium, and hydroelectric
dams. Although there are a few spots where oil is used to produce electricity, they are few
and far between.

With today's current solar panel advancements you would have to have quite a few solar panels to
be able to generate any type of store of electricity. As technology and methods advance there may
be more room for solar energy to replace the oil energy and have cars that are run entirely by
solar panels, but for now that still seems quite a ways off.

Even though there are still some major discrepancies between the energy output of wind turbines
and solar panels, the move towards a greener Earth is still a great thing. It seems like every
single year there is some new technological advancement that literally blows our minds. With the
way that technology is increasing, and also the awareness of a healthier environment, it is no
doubt that advanced solar panels will be in the works to help replace the messy oil spills that
seem to do a devastating amount of damage on nature and it's inhabitants.
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