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Renewable Energy: We must consume more and more renewable energy
at the expense of fossil fuel before it's too late.

There is no doubt in any sensible person's mind that our planet is hovering
on the brink of an energy catastrophe. Oceans are warming, storms are raging
and the ozone layer is slipping away. Global warming is causing the polar caps
to melt and glaciers to recede. We are a society that is desperately dependent
upon fossil fuels to provide us with the energy that we need to make the comforts
and conveniences of life work. Unfortunately, that energy is causing tons and tons
of carbon gases to leak into the atmosphere and deplete our ozone layer. What we
need now are Renewable Energy sources to power our growing need for electricity.

In the beginning, fire was the only source of energy. Fires were burned for
light and for heat. Over the years, man learned that, if we harnessed the
power of that heat, we could make things move. Fires were ignited from wood
and then coal. Eventually oil and gasoline were discovered, and from there,
more and more sources were found to burn. The problem with all of those was,
once they were burned up, they were gone. To have wood, you need a tree.
Once a tree has been cut down for lumber, it takes many, many years for
another to grow in its place, large enough for any use. It is onlyfairly recently
that mankind has realized the folly in his ways and begun to turn to renewable
energy sources.

Renewable Energy sources are sources of energy that are constantly
abundant. Water, sunshine and wind are the three main forms of
Renewable Energy. The power of water has been being harnessed
for the longest period of time, as water wheels have been
around for hundreds of years. The wind has been used for a very
long time too, in the form of wind mills. Initially the wind's
power was used to turn gears that were capable of grinding up
grain. Today, the wind's power is harnessed via wind turbines
that are actually capable of producing electricity.

Our planet is in danger of self destructing. The irony of it is
that they best way to heal the planet may be to stop touching it!
If we, as a society stopped tapping into the natural resources
that are on the planet and instead tap into the resources that
surround and support our planet, we would have an abundant and
never ending supply of energy. Energy that is cleaner and less
expensive. Energy that does not create noxious fumes that will
destroy our ozone layer. Energy that will allow our planet
to recover.
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