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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For My House

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If you are considering installing a residential solar energy system for your home
you will be aware of the possible financial savings that can be had. Once you have
paid for the various components you will have very little expenditure you need to
find. Before you decide to go down this route of free and renewable energy you will
need to answer the question how many solar panels do I need for my house.

To calculate the actual number of panels would require an understanding of your annual
electricity usage. Start by examining your last few utility bills. Find out the amount
of monthly kilowatt hours you have previously consumed, this can vary depending upon
the season, and divide this figure by the number of days in a month. It is likely that
during the cold and dark winter months your demands would be much higher than in the
summer months.

Once you have an exact estimate of your electricity usage you should then figure out the
number of direct hours of sunlight your property receives in a day. This data is available
by accessing websites that provide details of the prevailing climatic conditions in your
region. For example you may discover that your area receives on average of five hours of
sunshine per day.

The next stage would involve dividing your average daily kilowatt usage by the number of
hours of direct sunlight available in your locality. This figure should then be multiplied
by 1.15 to take into account possible losses and leakage of energy that always occurs in a
solar energy system.

If you have been using around fifty kilowatt hours daily and reside in an area that has
around five hours of sunlight per day, your energy requirement would be 11,500 watts. This
figure would suggest a need for twenty two panels each with a capacity of two hundred watts.
Of course it is better to install an array of panels that provides more than enough energy to
match your requirements as you never know whether the number of sunny days in a particular
month would be less than the mean average.

When it comes to choosing which solar panels to install, you should not be overly concerned
by the in initial expense. Over the course of a decade you should be able to recoup the outlay,
after this period has elapsed you will then be able to confidently state that you are able to
produce energy for no cost.

You can bring about an ever greater saving by choosing to install the panels yourself. This
is actually not as difficult a proposition as it may initially sound. All that would be required
is a basic understanding of electrical systems and how to safely position the panels in a location
where they can provide the maximum gains.

As the price of solar panels continues to come down, the benefits of switching to a solar energy
system increase. You should be under no illusion that the price of electricity supplied by the main
utility companies is only going to go in one direction in the future, which is upwards.

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