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How can we know if solar panels that we intend to buy is of good quality?

In the present scenario, where energy demand is escalating along
with the outrageous increase in price, more and more people are
searching for effective ways by which they can reduce their
electricity bills and expenses. In order to accomplish this
task, the first step is to identify the major power users in
the house and limiting their use. Another way is by switching
off electrical equipments and lights if they are not in use.
However, maximum people find these simple tasks very difficult
to follow. In such cases, people look for various other
options by which they can reduce their electricity expenses
without having to implement these tasks. One of the most
viable options is to purchase solar panels that will
generate your own electricity. Solar technology aims at
capturing and reusing sunís energy for converting it into
heat or electricity energy that can be used for daily chores.

Solar panels offer great advantages to its users. It is
considered as the most clean energy source that will not
cause any kind of damage to the environment. Also, it helps
a lot in saving money by providing the power that will
be able to run light and heating systems in your homes.
One of the most question that arises in everyoneís mind
is "How can we know if solar panels that we intend to buy
is of good quality?"

In the market, you can find two types of solar panels-
photovoltaic (PV) solar panels that convert solar energy
into power and water heating solar panels that make use of
sunís energy in order to heat up the water for domestic
uses. Before planning to spend your money on purchasing
solar panels, it is essential to consider few factors.
One of the important things to consider is the number
of panels that you may require in order to gratify your
electricity needs and requirements. If in case, your
solar panels are generating excessive electricity after
even satisfying your needs, then you can feed it back
to your electricity supplier and earn some extra money
as well.

Below are a few tips that will help you to know if the
solar panel that you intend to buy is of good quality or not.
1. The solar panel that you are choosing should have
enough electricity output in order to run all your

2. It should be oriented well to ensure maximum light
exposure. For this purpose, there are various add
ons available in the market that will ensure maximum exposure to the sun.

3. Life expectancy: Majority of the solar panels last
for long time ranging between twenty five to thirty
years, if they are maintained properly. Expecting
solar panels for lifelong is erroneous.

4. Materials used in solar panels should be tested and
well approved ensuring better electrical performance
and great service life.

5. It should be resistant to wind and have convenient
mounting access.

6. It should have protection from weathering and have
enhanced solar cell performance.

7. Go for the panel that offers minimum warranted
power rating.

Take your time and research well before purchasing solar panel
for yourself. With the above tips, you can be sure of experiencing
a very pleasant, safe and rewarding experience with solar energy.
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