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Green Home, Going green was earlier the domain of Corporates and that too in
advanced nations of the world. But the ‘green’ term is among the most ubiquitous
term of our generation, and there is so much to implement that experts
are falling over themselves to design new ways in which every citizen of
the planet can contribute to this magnanimous cause.

In the last couple of years, one of the most important steps in that
direction is the endeavor to green individual homes. The beauty of this
is that this revolution started mostly from the citizens themselves and
only after the results were out for everyone to see did the government
pitch in with incentives offered to home owners who take additional pain
to make their home as green as possible.

If you have not started on that path yet, building a green home is not
something you should postpone any longer. And unlike what a lot of people
think, a Green Home does not need you to put up a lot of money or effort.
Little things that you can do will contribute towards making your home
green and leaving a smaller footprint on our environment. Here are some
of those little things you can do.

green home
Green Home
Get an alternate source of power

Now, we are not talking about a diesel generator here. Building a small
solar panel or a windmill right on your roof is easier than you think
and it costs just as much as what you spend for a family dinner at a
decent restaurant. Not only will you be using a renewable and
non-polluting source, but you will also be paying lower energy bills!
Use modern construction equipment which use renewable sources
If you live in an area where there is a lot of heating or cooling
required within your home, you would do well to use a hollow brick
kind of a construction material which helps you save on your heating
and cooling costs. If you have a garage attached to your home, and if
that also is heated, do insulate your garage too. The other areas from
which heat escapes is windows and the roof. There are some modern
construction equipments available out there which are made from naturally
renewable sources and they retain more heat than the normal concrete versions.

Harvest your own water

This is another key aspect of a Green Home. It is quite easy to build a water
harvesting pit, and you can choose whether you’d like to use that water for
some purpose, or just let the earth soak it in. Either way you will be
contributing to the local water table; and if everyone in your area does
that, your locale will never run short of water.

There are so many ways in which you can build a Green Home – from using
sustainable architecture to using eco-friendly materials. But the best way
(and one which you can also implement after you finish your house construction)
is to get a solar panel or a windmill. Check them out – it is a great start!
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