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Global Warming Effects
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Global Warming Effects
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Global Warming affects humans
If you watch the news or pay any attention at all to the political and scientific debates that are
raging in Washington, youíre probably getting used to hearing the words Global Warming thrown
around by the politicians. It seems that no matter whether youíre an environmental activist or
a business person, the debate over whether or not this is a serious problem for the planet has
been mentioned around you at least once. Maybe you are concerned about the potential problem,
but arenít really convinced that climate change is really all that bad for you. Here are some
of the effects of Global Warming that could prove to be deadly for all of us if they are allowed
to continue unabated.

First of all, according to research scientists and climatologists, Global Warming is caused by
green house gases that have become trapped in the atmosphere. Instead of escaping or dissolving,
these toxic gases are remaining in the atmosphere, acting as insulation for the sunís light, and
increasing the temperature of the entire planet slowly over time. Even though we may not notice
it when the temperature in our homes goes up or down one or two degrees, these small changes
will have drastic effects for our entire planet.

Global Warming Effects.
One of the most deadly effects of Global Warming is the fact that certain dangerous species are
now able to roam into new and different areas of the planet. It is pretty well understood that the
countries and continents clustered around the equator are the warmest and most humid.Many
species live in the tropics that would never be able to survive in colder climates like Europe and
North America. Because of the effects of Global Climate change, insects and other disease
carrying bugs are being able to migrate into these new countries, spreading their
infections and harming humans.

Another of the most visible effects of Global Warming is the fact that the glaciers and ice masses
that we depend on to provide water in the mountains, rivers and streams during the spring thaw are
shrinking quickly. These glaciers have been frozen for millions of years, but now, instead of
growing bigger during the winter, they are continuing to melt because of Global Climate change.
This is not only terrifying for the polar bears and other species that depend on the ice shelf,
but it means that we humans will soon have to find another source of water for ourselves.
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