Global Warming Real Or Not

Global warming
Global warming

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Global Warming Real Or Not:

Is global warming real or not? This is the question asked by millions of people who were made aware
of rising temperatures of the Earth's atmosphere and its relative effects. There are two sides to a
coin. There are the people that believe that the environmental issues is very real, and there are the
people that believe that the issue is a hoax.

There are probably up to 100 reasons why people that believe the environmental conditions and warnings
are a hoax. One reason that a lot of people do not put too much stock in the warnings is because they hold
high expectations from the intellectuals of the world. As powerful as the governments are and the
intellectuals of this world may be, they are not magic men.

There is no magic wand that will erase the environmental issues. It will have to be a global effort, in
order to eradicate the potential issues. Let's examine some reports from scientists.

According to scientists, the Earth's surface temperature increased by 1.4 Fahrenheit. It is asserted that
2/3 of the increase occurred over the last three decades. The rise in temperature is indisputable, and you
can probably feel the rise in temperature for yourself. A lot of scientists lay blame on high concentrations
of greenhouse gases for the rise in temperature.

The effects of the rise in temperature are melting ice caps and rising sea levels. There are other ways that
the rising temperature can wreak havoc; disappearing lakes, savage wildfires, reemergence of long-gone diseases,
25-mile long icebergs, and freak allergies. Now, let's take a look at some instances, effects, and forewarning
of the environmental changes.

During the past decade, hurricanes have become more intense and dangerous. The United States have experienced a
splurge of wildfires in the countryside. The wildfires burned more area for longer periods of time than ever
reported. This is because spring arrives earlier than normal, therefore melting the snow earlier. This results
in a forest staying drier for longer periods of time, which increases the chances of igniting a forest fire.

In the last century, the sea level rose to about 6.7 inches; in the last decade, that number doubled. Glaciers
are receding and retreating around the world; Africa, Alaska, Rockies, Andes, Himalayas, and the Alps included.
It has been reported that the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets have diminished in mass. Greenland lost around
30-60 cubic miles of ice per year during the last decade. Also, Antarctica lost roughly 36 cubic miles of ice
during the last decade.

After reviewing the evidence of effects in the changing climates, this occurred around the Industrial Revolution
era. A lot of people claim that the man-made disaster is simply a ruse to make big profits for companies that have
a conflict of interest with governments. The biggest scares equals bigger profits for companies. There have been
hundreds of incidences where companies have exploited the benefits of shock advertising. The recent conduct of
various companies and governments may make a person of whether it is a hoax. After reading this, what do you
think? Is global warming real or not?
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