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Plants Can Produce Biofuels

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Solar Energy Products
Seeds - From Those Plants Can Produce Biofuels
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The media is now full of talk about environmental degradation, species extinction, global
warming, sea level rise, and climate change. If you are concerned about what we are doing
to the planet you can take direct action by adopting as many green practices as possible
into your home and lifestyle. One area of which there is a lot of interest today is the
possibility of alternative energy sources. There are concepts and technology you should
familiarize yourself with. For example we have seeds, as old as time and essential for
life itself, but did you know that from those plants can produce biofuels?

Though you may not have heard as much information about biofuels as you have about solar
energy, wind power and hybrid cars, it is a concept that can revolutionize our lives in a number of
different ways.

Biofuels are a safe and relatively clean fuel that can be produced from organic matter. A lot
of research is currently being undertaken into the possibility of creating biofuel from plant
seeds. Soy, canola, hemp, and even peanuts are potential sources of energy that can be used in
a wide range of systems. For this to happen the compounds must first undergo the process of
trans-esterification, this is in laymen's terms is the chemical alteration of the organic material
into a fuel which can then be combusted in a similar way to diesel.

There are many advantages that are on offer by using biofuel as opposed to gasoline or diesel.
For a start it is important to note that any engine that currently runs off of diesel does not
have to be altered in a massive way to use this eco friendly product as the inherent principles
are the same.

The effect of switching to a non fossil fuel economy can have a dramatic impact and in various
ways. No longer would our leaders feel they need to compromise our taxes and freedom by
spending outrageous sums of money in wars and on dictatorships in far off regions of the world.
It would be possible for us to produce all the fuel we need from within our very own shores.
Just imagine the financial savings that can be had as well as the lives that would be spared.

The environmental impact would also be great. The cars we drive and the ships and planes that fly
in produce from around the world currently make up around fifteen per cent of the greenhouse
gas emissions globally.

If we can bring an end to this trend we would be able to reduce our nation's carbon footprint
dramatically. There really is no need for us to be such a destructive race. At the end of the
day we should all be taking steps to ensure we leave a planet for the future generations that
is in the best possible condition.

In the coming years there will be a lot more talk of biofuels and how they can revolutionise
the world we live in. You can do your bit by asking your elected politicians what they are
doing to promote this clean technology.
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