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Facing The World's Addiction To Fossil Fuel


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Facing The World's Addiction To Fossil Fuel
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World Fossil Fuel Addiction
Solar Panels - less Fossil Fuels
World Fossil Fuels Damage
At the current time, everyone in the world is being educated regarding Fossil Fuels,
their harm to the atmosphere, the fact that they are diminishing and many other facts
regarding this natural resource. This has led to many alternative plans for energy,
such as solar panels, electric cars, biomass and other things. Scientists and others
are continually working on substitutes to break the world's addiction to fossil fuel.

One of the greatest addictions, that is found everywhere, is for gasoline. Methane,
located in fossil coal beds, produces a natural gas, which also contains other materials.
This gas is processed to produce the gasoline that is used in cars today. Throughout the
entire world, people are running cars and machinery on this gas and it is felt that not
only will the source eventually be used up but that the fumes are damaging the atmosphere.

There have been a number of alternates offered to replace the current gasoline used.
One of the current ones is the development of biofuel. This fuel is made from natural
plants and crops, such as corn. It can also be produced from things such as cow manure.
There are currently a total of 50 biorefineries in North America engaged in this process.
At the present time it is the expense of the conversion, as well as the proper vehicle,
that has prevented it from coming into the mainstream of the car driving public.

A number of alternative power sources for automobiles, as well as refining automobiles
is being investigated by governments and manufacturers around the world. Such things as
the electric car, which runs solely on electricity, the hybrid, that uses both electric
power and internal combustion, and solar powered cars are being tested.

Ethanol is a gas that is easily obtained from plants such as grain or sugar cane. This
is naturally produced when the sun rays hit plants and convert the plants cells into
usable energy (biofuel). At the current time there are a number of countries, throughout
the world, that are engaged in producing this kind of energy. Butanol, produced by the
formation of plans is also being investigated.

There has been increased interest in the use of this natural gas instead of fossil energy
and, in a number of instances, it is taking the place of fossil fuel electricity This natural
gas has been utilized in landfills, sewer plants and many other places where ethanol emits
from natural products. It has also being used by these facilities to produce a great deal
of electricity which previously required Fossil Fuels.

In the United States, electricity consumes 30 percent of all the Fossil Fuels used, with
coal used to produce 70% of of this electricity. The coal is transported to generating
plants which produce the electricity. It is by using special equipment that the natural
ethanol gas, from plants and manure, can be transformed into electricity.

Another way that electricity has been naturally produced is by the use of wind turbines
which are located in areas of high wind. There are now 'wind farms', where the power of
the wind generates the energy needed to produce the electricity. This is a very inexpensive
and easy way to produce electricity and is now being adopted all over the world to cease the
need to depend on fossil fuels.

Heating for buildings, homes and other areas has been accomplished by the use of natural gas,
coal, or wood for many years. It is use of fossil fuels that produces the natural gas and
energy for running most equipment, being used, as well. Because of the fossil fuels concern
solar panels have come into the picture.

These solar panels have revolutionized the idea of heating by using rays of the sun. They
are used, not only in the United States, but also in deepest Africa where people have been
taught to use small panels for cooking, thus saving the diminishing forests. They can heat
a house, make hot water, product electricity and allow lights to stay on when there is a
blackout. Their popularity is increasing as people realize the tremendous savings in costs
compared to using fossil fuel energy.

Heavy taxes on gasoline and the decreasing amount of fossil fuels has increased worldwide
concentration on finding alternates to reduce the world's addiction to fossil fuel. Conversion
of such things as automobiles, home heating, electricity and other life necessities to other
sources is developing at a rapid rate and it is expected that this will eventually wean the
world from its addiction.
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